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Make your payment to 7690754297. Cowrywise Victor Ehimare. Wema Bank

After making your payment, send…
1) Screenshot of the receipt of your payment. (Very important)
2) Your full name (Your real name)
3) Your stage name (Your Music Name)
4) Your Audio track (Your song)
5) Title of the song
6) TikTok start time (The minute you want the song to start on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. (Optional)
7) Your music genre (The king of music you sing)
8) Email address
9) Phone number
10) your Artwork & the Link to the song on Audio mack

Send all these information to us here on WhatsApp. Note that your artwork and audio track must be sent as document…Artwork must follow the rules and policy of some platforms like, Spotify, Tidal and Apple music, so that it will not be rejected…

1) Artwork must have the name of the Artist & title of the song.
2) No logo or company name should be on the Artwork.
3) No social media handle and Parental advisory logo.
4) should be of a very high quality…3000×3000 pixel.
But don’t let that brother you, we will edit it if we find out these errors.

…That’s all
Send these informations to us and we start submission right away.

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